WLtoys WL911 - Freedom Racer

The WL911 is a great racing boat with attitude, speed and all the essential functions to be in control on the waters. With a distance range of 100 meter, you can cross great lakes, and thanks to its bright colors you will not lose it out of your sight. 


The WL911 is a racing boat!




Fast and furious

The WL911 is a real racer, with a fast and furious attitude. This freedom racing boat is unstoppable and can reach an amazing speed of 24 km/h!






WL911 RC boat has anti flip over system




Anti-flip over system

Do not fear flipping at every turn, this boat is incredibly fast, but has fantastic maneuvers. The WL911 has an anti-flip system that makes it almost impossible to crash upside down. However, if you do get your boat flipped over, you only need to use the trigger to get it back in upright position. 









Amazing control distance

This boat has an amazing control range of 100 meters, so a large lake is the perfect spot to try this baby out!








Model Specifications

Box content   1x WL911 RC boat
    1x 2.4 GHz Remote control (4 x AA batteries not included)
    1x 7.4V 850mAh Li-Po Battery
    1x Charger
    1x Boat rack
    1x User manual 
Compatible Modules    No

Use Specifications

Control distance   100 meters
Duration   7-8 Minutes
Speed   + 24km/h

Technical Specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Transmitter battery   4*AA
Battery   7.4V 850mAh
Length   350mm
Width   88mm 
Height   70mm
Motor    370


















Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

17 WL911 WL911
1400 Lower boat cover WL911-01
1401 Upper boat cover WL911-02
1402 Cabin cover WL911-03
1403 Battery box WL911-04
1404 Balance wing WL911-05
1405 Receiver board box WL911-06
1406 Upper cover receiver board box WL911-07
1407 Servo casting die WL911-08
1408 Fixed cabin cover accessory WL911-09
1409 Leaking hole stopper WL911-10
1410 Motor blade WL911-11
1411 Water rudder WL911-12
1412 Motor base WL911-13
1413 Brass casting die WL911-14
1414 Paddle WL911-15
1415 Fixed water rudder accessory WL911-16
1416 Cabin cover buckle WL911-17
1417 Buckle WL911-18
1418 Boat rack WL911-19
1419 Servo WL911-20
1420 Receiver board WL911-21
1421 Motor 370 WL911-22
1422 Battery 7.4V 850mAh WL911-23
1423 Wire WL911-24
1424 Paddle shaft brass unit WL911-25
1425 Motor wire WL911-26
1426 Paddle shaft WL911-27
1427 Servo transmission wire WL911-28
1428 Servo connection shaft WL911-29
1429 Stainless steel tube WL911-30
1455 Brass nail WL911-26