WLtoys A969 - Trophy truck

The A969 has a cool trophy truck design and lives up to any drivers expectations. It has speed, power and the ability to stunt through sand and dust!

RC cars WLtoys A969 drive until 50km/hour!



Trophy truck design

The A969 has a cool trophy truck design, and it is not just the design! The A969 will make you forget it is just a RC, driving through sand and dust like a real thropy truck.









RC cars WLtoys A949 is look alike the Rally Cross car!





The A969 is fast on both asphalt and rough fields. Due to the amazing trophy truck design it is extremely maneuverable on any terrain and capable of reaching a 50 km/h top speed, even in sand.







Remote control of the RC cars WLtoys




A real jumper

Thanks to its speed and design the L969 is able to make jumps and stunts around without losing power and stability.









Model specifications


4-wheel shock absorbers  
Size   290*175*105 [mm]
  165 [mm]
Wheel span   -- [mm]
Wheel diameter   61 [mm]
 Wheel width   30 [mm]
Battery   7.4V1100mah
Charge time   150 [mins]
Playing time   10 [mins]
Control distance   100 [m]
Freq.    2.4GHz
Motor   390 (brushed)
Speed    50+ [km/h]


































Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

72 A969 A969
1102 Underbody A949-03
1107 Turning seat A949-08
1108 Shock absorber plate A949-09
1110 Six angular wheel seat A949-11
1111 Gear box cover A949-12
1112 Differential case A949-13
1113 Differential cup A949-14
1114 Positioning seat A949-15
1115 Motor dustproof seat A949-16
1116 Central transmission shaft A949-17
1117 Connect board A949-18
1119 Servo arm A949-20
1121 Hook & loop 210 mm A949-22
1122 Differential mechanism A949-23
1123 Reduction gear A949-24
1125 Motor seat A949-26
1126 Lithium battery 7.4V 1100mAh A949-27
1127 16G Steering engine (servo) A949-28
1128 Motor heat dissipation cover A949-29
1129 Wheel axle 9*22.1 A949-30
1130 Fixed motor bolt washer A949-31
1131 390 Electric machinery A949-32
1132 Oil bearing 4*8*3 A949-33
1133 Oil bearing 8*12*3.5 A949-34
1134 Ball bearing 7*11*3 A949-35
1135 Ball bearing 8*12*3.5 A949-36
1136 Swing arm gasket A949-37
1137 Pan head tapping screws 2.6*6 A949-38
1138 Pan head tapping screws 2*6 A949-39
1139 Round head screws 2.5*8 A949-40
1140 Pan head screws 2*16 A949-41
1142 Round head dielectric M2.5*6*6 A949-43
1143 Flat head screws M3*5 A949-44
1145 Ball head screw 10.8*4 A949-46
1146 Countersunk head tapping screws 2*6 A949-47
1147 Countersunk head tapping screws 2*7.5 A949-48
1148 M3 lock nut A949-49
1149 Axle pin 1.5*6.7 A949-50
1150 Differential pin 1.5*16 A949-51
1152 Turning seat shaft 2*20.5 A949-53
1153 R pin A949-54
1154 Shock absorber A949-55
1155 Receiver A949-56
1156 2.4 GHz Remote control A949-57
1161 Swing arm A959-02
1162 Pull rod A959-03
1164 C seat A959-05
1166 Transmission shaft 3.5*50.8 A959-07
1169 Round head screw level M2*17.5 A959-10
1170 Left wheel A969-01
1171 Right wheel A969-02
1172 Front anti-collision part A969-03
1173 Rear anti-collision part A969-04
1174 Canopy pillar A969-05
1175 Canopy (orange) A969-06
1176 Canopy (green) A969-07
1177 Swing arm pin 2*40.8 A969-08
1183 Motor gear metal ?
1185 Screw set A959/A969/A979 ?