WLtoys V977 Power Star X1

The helicopter V977 is great for beginners because it has 6G mode which makes it a great learning tool. In the other hand, it is also a very beast flybarless helicopter, very fun and challenging quadcopter. This helicopter is made for indoor flights but can also fly outside if the wind is low. The gyroscope has 6 axis, the helicopter is very steady in the air even though it is flybarless. 



V977 is flybarless which makes flights very challenging




Flybarless helicopter V977

The V977 is flybarless but what does that mean? The Fly Bar makes the helicopter very stable in the air. So a Flybarless helicopter is a very challenging one! For experts, flybarless with 3D mode is the perfect combination for having very fun and dynamic flights! You can flip, stunt, hurricane and enjoy aerobic flights.  






Helicopter V977 has its main motor brushless




Helicopter with Brushless Motor 

This helicopter V977 has a great feature: its main motor is Brushless ! Which mean the helicopter is very durable, no matter how many flights you do with it. Its tail motor is brushed. 






Helicopter V977 is powerful and fast!




Very powerful and fast helicopter 

The V977 is a very beast helicopter! Its light combined with the brushless motor makes it very powerful and fast. The best but not the least, the helicopter V977 is very smooth. You will enjoy fly this small bird! 






  Specifications of the helicopter V977

Model Specifications

Led Lights   Yes
Gyroscope   Yes
Box Content    Helicopter V977 Power Star X1
    1x Transmitter 2.4GHz
    1x Charger
    1x Main blade
    1x Battery 
    1x Tail Blade
    1x Manual
    1x Screwdriver set
 Compatible Modules   No

Usage Specifications

Range   80-100 meter
Flight Duration   8-10 Minutes
Motions   Up,Down,Left,Right
Module Included   No
Memory Card   No

Technical Specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   6
Battery   3.7V 450mAh Lithium
Length   -mm
Width   270mm 
Height   -mm
Weight   -Gram


















Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

51 V977 Power Star X1 V977
690 Servo Set V.2.966.011
692 Bearing Set 2 V.2.966.012
693 Brushless Motor V.2.977.002
698 Speed Governor V.2.977.004
708 Charger V966 V977 V931
709 Rotor Head V.2.966.001
710 Across Shaft V.2.966.002
711 Rubber V.2.966.003
712 Main Blade Clips V.2.966.004
713 Blades V.2.977.001
714 Connect Buckle V.2.966.006
715 Swashplate V.2.966.007
716 Main Shaft V.2.966.008
717 Servo Cover V.2.966.009
718 Main Frame V.2.977.003
719 Gear Set V.2.966.014
720 PCB V.2.977.005
721 V.2.977.006
722 Canopy V.2.977.007
723 Landing Skip V.2.977.008
724 Tail Motor Set V.2.977.009
725 Tail Blade V.2.977.015
726 Screw Set V.2.977.010
727 Tail Pipe V.2.977.011
728 Tail Motor V.2.977.012
729 Tail Motor Holder V.2.977.013
730 Wires V.2.977.014
731 Gear V.2.977.016

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  • V977 Power Star X1

    SKU: 51
    Factory ID: V977
  • Gear Set

    SKU: 719
    Factory ID: V.2.966.014

    Out of stock

  • PCB

    SKU: 720
    Factory ID: V.2.977.005

    Out of stock

  • SKU: 721
    Factory ID: V.2.977.006

    Out of stock

  • Canopy

    SKU: 722
    Factory ID: V.2.977.007

    Out of stock

  • Landing Skip

    SKU: 723
    Factory ID: V.2.977.008

    Out of stock

  • Tail Motor Set

    SKU: 724
    Factory ID: V.2.977.009

    Out of stock

  • Tail Blade

    SKU: 725
    Factory ID: V.2.977.015

    Out of stock

  • Screw Set

    SKU: 726
    Factory ID: V.2.977.010

    Out of stock

  • Tail Pipe

    SKU: 727
    Factory ID: V.2.977.011

    Out of stock

  • Tail Motor

    SKU: 728
    Factory ID: V.2.977.012

    Out of stock

  • Tail Motor Holder

    SKU: 729
    Factory ID: V.2.977.013

    Out of stock

  • Wires

    SKU: 730
    Factory ID: V.2.977.014

    Out of stock

  • Main Frame

    SKU: 718
    Factory ID: V.2.977.003

    Out of stock

  • Servo Cover

    SKU: 717
    Factory ID: V.2.966.009

    Out of stock

  • Main Shaft

    SKU: 716
    Factory ID: V.2.966.008

    Out of stock

  • Servo Set

    SKU: 690
    Factory ID: V.2.966.011
  • Bearing Set 2

    SKU: 692
    Factory ID: V.2.966.012

    Out of stock

  • Brushless Motor

    SKU: 693
    Factory ID: V.2.977.002
  • Speed Governor

    SKU: 698
    Factory ID: V.2.977.004
  • Charger

    SKU: 708
    Factory ID: V966 V977 V931

    Out of stock

  • Rotor Head

    SKU: 709
    Factory ID: V.2.966.001

    Out of stock

  • Across Shaft

    SKU: 710
    Factory ID: V.2.966.002

    Out of stock

  • Rubber

    SKU: 711
    Factory ID: V.2.966.003

    Out of stock

  • Main Blade Clips

    SKU: 712
    Factory ID: V.2.966.004

    Out of stock

  • Blades

    SKU: 713
    Factory ID: V.2.977.001

    Out of stock

  • Connect Buckle

    SKU: 714
    Factory ID: V.2.966.006

    Out of stock

  • Swashplate

    SKU: 715
    Factory ID: V.2.966.007

    Out of stock

  • Gear

    SKU: 731
    Factory ID: V.2.977.016

    Out of stock

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