WLtoys L979 Brushless

The L979 a.k.a. the king of the dessert is impressive, surprising and cool with an edge. This is not a truck to keep indoor, but a true player that needs to be set free outside to race and drift like no other! This version is even more durable thanks to its brushless motor. 


RC car wltoys L959, green colour, scale 1:12





King of the dessert

This trophy truck is designed to eat dust and cross any dessert road or trail. We can ensure you that the L979 truly is a dessert-king!





RC car L959, left side, green rc car,




Drift master

CAUTION: Pushing the throttle hard may result in extreme drifting! But with a little practice you can become a real drift master.






RC car L959, left side, green rc car,





All metal transmission shafts

To handle the extreme power of the brushless motor we had to upgrade the transmission. So we made the transmission axles all metal so that they will not break when you push full throttle.








Model specifications

 L979 Brushless

Size   415*260*160  [mm]
  250 [mm]
Wheel span   165 [mm]
Wheel diameter   85 [mm]
 Wheel width   35 [mm]
Battery   7.4V 1800mah
Charge time   180 [mins]
Playing time   10 [mins]
Control distance   100 [m]
Freq.    2.4GHz
Motor   Brushless
Speed   60 [km/h]

































Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

87 L222 L222