WLtoys S977 Camstryker

This 3,5 channel infrared mini Helicopter is a perfect model to start your piloting experience with. Its bright and light design combined with easy operations functions makes it especially fit for beginners. With its incorporated LED lights it is possible to fly at nighttime just as easy as during the day. The game controller design of the remote control makes it easy to keep your helicopter in control. Furthermore this particular small copter is popular because of its ability to take photos and videos during flights.

S977 remote control information




The game controller shaped remote allows you to easily fly this copter around, and also has a cool demo button. With this function you can record a flight and make the helicopter fly the simulation with one press to the button.TheS977 also has a turbo button that can boost each function so your movements are amplified. Additionally, there is a charging cable in the remote to charge your helicopter when needed.






S977 can carry a camera for taking videos and photos!



Photo and video camera

This micro helicopter has a photo and video camera attached, allowing you to capture amazing footage from the sky – just make sure you don’t use it as a spying device on your neighbours! It comes with a 512MB micro SD card and a USB SD card reader so you can instantly upload your images and videos and share them with friends and family.







WLtoys S977 is durable and crash resistant



Durable and crash resistant

Don’t be fooled by its small exterior. With its ultra stable twin rotors and lightweight compact design, this helicopter is very durable and can endure a little bump or bruise. However, if you do break some parts, it is always possible to order spare parts from our webshop. 







 Find here the specifications of the helicopter S977

Model Specifications

Led Lights   Yes
Gyroscope   Yes
Box Content    S977 Helicopter
    Infrared remote
    2x blade
    2x tailblade
    USB charger
    Manual (English)
    USB memorycard reader
    512 MB memory card
Compatible Modules   No

Usage Specifications

Range   10–12 meter
Flight Duration   8-10 Minutes
Motions   Up,Down,Left,Right
Module Included   Yes camera
Memory Card   Yes 512 MB

Technical Specifications

Technology   Infrared Connection
Channels   3.5
Battery   3.7V 180 mAH Lipo
Length   230mm
Width   50mm 
Height   120mm
Weight   -Gram



Blowup spare parts WLtoys helicopter S977

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Spare parts

Factory ID

2 S977 Camstryker S977 Camstryker
127 Head Cover S977-01
128 Main Blade S977-02
129 Tail Decoration S977-03
130 Connect Buckle S977-04
131 Balance Bar S977-05
132 Tail Blade S977-06
133 Main Frame S977-07
134 Landing Skid S977-08
135 Gear S977-09
136 Tail Support Price S977-10
137 Main Frame Metal Part A S977-11
138 S977-12
139 Inner Shaft S977-13
140 Chopper Tail Unit Module S977-14
141 Main Tube Piece S977-15
142 Motor A S977-16
143 Motor B S977-17
144 PCB Box S977-18
145 3.7V Li-Poly Battery S977-19
146 Top Blade Grip Set S977-20
147 USB Line S977-21
148 S977-23
149 Balance Bar S977-24
150 On-Board Camera S977-25
151 Assembly For Camera S977-26

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