WLtoys V912 Brushless

This mid-sized 4 Channel V912 Brushless helicopter is one of our newest helicopters yet! Unlike 3 channel helicopters, this 4 Channel V912 Brushless is able to fly side-to-side. With its extreme agility and strong frame this helicopter can fly outdoors in wind grades of 3 to 4. You can even enjoy flying in the dark and amaze your friends and family with the bright LED head and tail light!


Remote control of the V912 Brushless




The V912 Brushless includes a 4 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter with a digital LCD display (with blue backlight) for easy and more precise navigation. On the remote you can trim this helicopter to stabilize and enjoy a steady and stable flight.








WLtoys V912 Brushless is very crash resistant





The V912 Brushless can switch between 2 different speed modes by pushing the top-left button on the controller while flying. Turbo mode greatly increases the flying speed and helicopter reaction versus while in normal mode.







WLtoys V912 can switch between different modes



Durable and crash resistant

This detailed V912 Brushless is beautifully designed and its frame is made of high strength lightweight metal for durability and crash resistance, so it can survive more bumps and races than its competitors. In case you do crash, all spare parts can be ordered in our shop. 







  Specifications of the helicopter V912 Brushless

Model Specifications

Led Lights   yes
Gyroscope   Yes
Box Content    Helicopter V912 Brushless
    2.4GHz remote
    2x blade
    1x tail rotor
    2x batteries
    Charge station
    Manual (English)
Compatible Modules   No

Usage Specifications

Range   60–80 meter
Flight Duration   8-10 Minutes
Motions   Up,Down,Left,Right
Module Included   No
Memory Card   No

Technical Specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   4
Battery   3.7V 180 mAH Lipo
Length   460mm
Width   --mm 
Height   --mm
Weight   300Gram



Blowup of the helicopter V912 and its parts

Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

12 V912 Skydancer V912 Skydancer
100 HD Camera V959-16
102 Basket Lift V959-20
103 Watercanon V959-18
104 Missile Shooter V959-19
231 Aluminium Cap V912-01
232 Flybar Rod V912-02
233 Main Gear V912-03
234 Connect Buckle V912-04
235 Ball Accessories V912-05
236 Blade Holder V912-06
237 Blade V912-07
238 Central Shaft V912-08
239 Main Steel Pipe V912-09
240 Fixed Swashplate Accessory V912-10
241 Swashplate V912-11
242 Fixed Main Iron Cover V912-12
243 Rudder V912-13
244 Main Motor V912-14
245 Bearings V912-15
246 PCB V912-16
247 Fixed Canopy Accessory V912-17
248 Main Frame V912-18
249 Aluminium Sheet (Down) V912-19
250 Aluminum Sheet (Up) V912-20
251 Battery V912-21
252 V912-22
253 Canopy V912-23
254 Baseplate V912-24
255 Landing Skid V912-25
256 Oblique Tail Tube V912-26
257 Fixed Horizontal Tail Accessory V912-27
258 Down Tail Gear Box Cover V912-28
259 Up Tail Gear Box Cover V912-29
260 Tail Rotor V912-30
261 Tail Motor V912-31
262 Tail Connect Pipes V912-32

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