WLtoys V913 Brushless

This 4 Channel single-blade V913 helicopter is one of the largest sized WLtoys helicopters on the market, and is not for the faint hearted! The V913 is the big brother to the V911 and V912, with its 65 cm head to tail, it crosses over into the hobby-grade helicopters. It is perfect for outdoor flying and can withstand wind grades of 4 to 5.



Remote control of the helicopter V913 Brushless




The V913 includes a 4 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter with a digital LCD display (with blue backlight) for easy and more precise navigation. The transmitter is larger than most toy helis. You can change modes so you can switch the throttle over from left to right to your preference.  






Discover the modes of the WLtoys V913 Brushless





The V913 can switch between 2 different speed modes by pushing the top-left button on the controller while flying. Turbo mode greatly increases the flying speed and helicopter reaction versus normal mode. 







Helicopter V913 is big, fast and agressive!



Very fast model

The WLtoys V913 Brushless helicopter is amazing for those who want to fly fast and agressive ! This model is very dynamic, heavy and can fly against strong winds. So if you are an expert pilot you will love flying this helicopter !









  Specifications of the helicopter V913 Brushless

Model Specifications

Led Lights   yes
Gyroscope   Yes
Box Content    Helicopter V913 Brushless
    2.4GHz remote
    2x blade
    1x tail rotor
    2x batteries
    Charge station
    Manual (English)
Compatible Modules   No

Usage Specifications

Range   100–150 meter
Flight Duration   8-10 Minutes
Motions   Up,Down,Left,Right
Module Included   No
Memory Card   No

Technical Specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   4
Battery   7.4V 1500 mAH Lipo
Length   690mm
Width   110mm 
Height   85mm
Weight   255Gram



Blowup of the helicopter V913 and its parts

Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

13 V913 Sky Hawk V913 Sky Hawk
100 HD Camera V959-16
102 Basket Lift V959-20
103 Watercanon V959-18
104 Missile Shooter V959-19
152 Aluminium Cap V913-01
153 Flybar Rod V913-02
154 Main Gear V913-03
155 Connect Buckle V913-04
156 Ball Accessories V913-05
157 Blade Holder V913-06
158 Blade V913-07
159 Central Shaft V913-08
160 Main Steel Pipe V913-09
161 Fixed Motor Accessory V913-10
162 Swashplate V913-11
163 Fixed Tail Pipe Accessory V913-12
164 Rudder V913-13
165 Main Motor V913-14
166 Bearings V913-15
167 Multifunctional Receiver V913-16
168 V913-17
169 Main Frame V913-18
170 Aluminum Sheet (Down) V913-19
171 Aluminum Sheet (Up) V913-20
172 Blade Holder V913-21
173 Main Motor Cooling Fin V913-22
174 Tail Motor Cooling Fin V913-23
175 Landing Skid V913-24
176 Battery V913-25
177 Battery Spare Parts V913-26
178 Canopy V913-27
179 Baseplate V913-28
180 Obliaque Tail Tube V913-29
181 Fixed Horizntal Tail Accessory V913-30
182 Down Tail Gear Box Cover V913-31
183 Up Tail Gear Box Cover V913-32
184 Tail Rotor V913-33
185 Tail Motor V913-34
186 Tail Connect Pipes V913-35
187 Fixed Tail Fin Parts V913-36
188 Fixed Oblique Tail Pipe Parts V913-37

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