WLtoys V931 AS350




Helicopter V931 has a great design 

WLtoys has made a great work about the design of the helicopter V931! The canopy is made of many details. It represents very well the rescue helicopter used by the military firefighters!









Helicopter V931 has a new gyro system 

One of the great features of the helicopter WLtoys V931 is its great new gyroscope! A helicopter never has flight that steady. It flies smoothly and also faster! Flying this helicopter gives you a very nice moment of fun and relaxation. 








Very crash resistant helicopter

The WLtoys V930 is a very crash resistant helicopter! Its canopy made of plastic makes it very hard to break! Also the blades and the tail blades are flexible so they don't break that easily. 












  Specifications of the helicopter V931

Model Specifications

Led Lights   Yes
Gyroscope   Yes
Box Content    Helicopter V931 AS350
    1x Transmitter 2.4GHz
    1x Charger
    3x Main blade
    2x Batteries
    1x Tail Blade
    1x Manual
Compatible Modules   No

Usage Specifications

Range   100–150 meter
Flight Duration   8-10 Minutes
Motions   Up,Down,Left,Right
Module Included   No
Memory Card   No

Technical Specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   6
Battery   3.7V 500mAH Li-Po
Length   238mm
Width   --mm 
Height   77mm
Weight   65.5Gram


















Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

39 V931 AS350 V931
680 Rotor Head V.2.931.001
681 Across Shaft V.2.931.002
682 Bearing V.2.931.003
683 Screw Set V.2.931.004
684 Blades V.2.931.005
685 Main Blade Clips V.2.931.006
686 Main Pipe V.2.931.007
687 Swashplate V.2.931.008
688 Locating Part V.2.931.009
689 Connect Buckle V.2.931.010
690 Servo Set V.2.966.011
691 Servo Cover V.2.931.011
692 Bearing Set 2 V.2.966.012
693 Brushless Motor V.2.977.002
694 PCB V.2.931.012
695 PCB Holder V.2.931.013
696 Main Frame V.2.931.014
697 V931 battery V.2.931.015
698 Speed Governor V.2.977.004
699 Landing Skip V.2.931.016
700 Gear V.2.931.017
701 Canopy V.2.931.018
702 Tail Part V.2.931.019
703 Tail Motor V.2.931.020
704 Tail Blade V.2.931.021
705 Main Blade Clips 2 V.2.931.022
706 Connect Buckle (Upper) V.2.931.023
707 Connect Pipe V.2.931.024
708 Charger V966 V977 V931
731 Gear V.2.977.016

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