WLtoys V333 - Ufo

Here is the WLtoys quadcopter V333! It is the upgraded version of the V262. The main difference is the integration of the Headless Mode. This features is ideal for beginners and pilots who prefer an easy way of flying. The quadcopter follows your orientation: if you go right it flies on your right direction! Pilots who want to take movies might love it! Always on a movie taking purpose, the quadcopter flies very steady thanks to the 6-axis built in giro. One of the other differences is the higher legs of the quadcopter V333. They protect against potential shocks of your camera or your Go Pro. Yes, you read it! The WLtoys V333 has a perfect lightweight and a lot of power for you to carry a Go Pro. The quadcopter WLtoys V333 is also able to carry other modules as bubble blower, missile shooter and even more! It is ideal for having fun outside or enjoy the amazing landscape from the sky.




Camera and other modules can be added to the V333


Cameras and other modules can be added

If you want to have fun and enjoy dynamic flight the WLtoys V333 is one of the quadcopter you might choose! The quadcopter is so large and powerful that you can care every modules such as cameras, Go Pro, water shooter, missiles shooter or basket for carrying light stuff. The quadcopter fits properly for every purposes: fun flights, movie taking, photo shoots and challenging flights!





Foam protection makes the V333 very crash resistant




Extreme crash resistant

The main frame of the quadcopter V333 is made of durable material which makes it very crash resistant. It protects very well the 4 blades as well as the 4 motors of the drone. Furthermore, the V333 has higher legs than its older brother the V262, protecting the camera from shocks during the landing.






WLtoys V333 is a large quadcopter


Large quadcopter

Possessing a large quadcopter has many advantages: the large frame of the quadcopter gives more stability during the flights. Also, large size quadcopter needs a lot of power. The WLtoys V333 has enough power to do flips and 360 degrees rotations.








Model specifications

LED Lights   Yes
Gyroscope   Yes
360° Flip function   Yes
Connectivity to other drones    Yes
Box content   V333 quadcopter
    2.4 GHz remote
    Extra rotors
    USB SD card
 Compatible modules   Yes

Usage specifications

Range    100–150 meters
Flight duration   8-10 minutes
Motions   Up, Down, Left, Right
Modules included   No
Memory card   No

Technical specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   4
Axes   6
Length   520mm
Width   520mm 
Height   33mm
Weight   219gram


 Specifications of the quadcopter WLtoys V333

Find here more info about WLtoys V333 spare parts

Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

35 V333 UFO V333 Ufo
56 V333 UFO Headless V333 Ufo Headless
64 V333N No Camera V333N - No camera
100 HD Camera V959-16
101 Bubble Blower V959-17
102 Basket Lift V959-20
103 Watercanon V959-18
104 Missile Shooter V959-19
319 Canopy V262-01
320 Blade V262-02
322 Gear V262-04
323 Main Frame V262-05
324 Protective Ring V262-06
325 Battery Cover V262-07
326 Support For Light V262-08
327 Snap Joint V262-09
328 Foam Fix Part V262-10
329 Copper Bush V262-11
330 PCB V262-12
331 Steel Tube V262-13
332 Copper Bush For Gear V262-14
333 Lithium Battery V262-15
334 Motor V262-16
335 Tail Frame V262-17
336 Jst Wire Of Plug V666-22
338 Line V262-20
339 Charger V262-21
395 Motor Mount V666-17
396 Landing Gear V666-18
397 Camera Mount V666-20
398 Color LED V666-24
399 White LED V666-25
401 Rubber Balls V666-27
426 Plug Part V626-21
428 Eva Spacer V626-23
448 Remote Controll V333-00
676 Screw Set V353
301 PCB headless V333N V949-7
302 motor support V949-8
303 Connection board V949-9
337 Wire of LED light V262-19
1460 PCB with Headless ?

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