WLtoys V656 - Ufo

The quadcopter WLtoys V656 is the new version of the V333. It has a very specific feature : its great FULL HD camera (1080p). WLtoys V656 is powerful and strong enough to fly against the wind (air force 3/4). It can also do flips and 360° stunts! Let's have a look at its great features ! 



WLtoys quadcopter V656


Quadcopter V656 and its FULL HD camera (1080p) 

Take great fotos and videos thanks to your quadcopter V656 et and its FULL HD camera. This model is great for photo shoot, you can easily take pictures and videos with the camera mount. This lastest reduces vibrations from the motor to the camera. The quadcopter also owns legs under it to protection the camera while landing. 









Powerful quadcopter for 360° flips  

The quadcopter V656 is super large and powerful. It has powerful and fast motors. The must is that you can do stunts and flips of 360°. Take great and original fotos meanwhile your drone jump!










The quadcopter V656 is extremely crash resistant

The quadcopter V656 has plastic protection to protect motors and blades from shocs and crashs. Also, the legs protect the camera while flying and landing. 










Model specifications

LED Lights   Yes
Gyroscope   Yes
360° Flip function   Yes
Connectivity to other drones    Yes
Box content   V656 quadcopter
    2.4 GHz remote
    Extra rotors
    USB SD card
 Compatible modules   Yes Camera FULL HD

Usage specifications

Range    100–150 meters
Flight duration   8-10 minutes
Motions   Up, Down, Left, Right
Modules included   Yes FULL HD Camera
Memory card   Yes

Technical specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   4
Axes   6
Length   520mm
Width   520mm 
Height   33mm
Weight   219gram


 Specifications of the quadcopter WLtoys V333

Quadcopter V656 has the same spare parts as the drone V333. 


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Spare parts

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