WLtoys V353 - Galaxy

 The advanced V353 Quadcopter can easily be introduced as the little brother of the V333, except that it is missing the protection ring around it. The V353 is perfect for beginning pilots, since it has a headless mode, which makes it user friendly. This model is also great for laid-back movie making, since it is equipped with a 6-axis gyro, which allows it to fly steady in the air. The bright LED lights make the V353 ideal for night flights, and the different colors make it even more spectacular!  Finally, this model is quite crash resistant, but if you do manage to break some parts, you can always order the  WLtoys V353 spare parts in our store.




WLtoys V353 has headless mode for easy way to fly



Careless flights with the Headless Mode

The Headless Mode enables easy flights, without worrying about the front or back of the copter. Every movement will be from your own perspective, no matter which angle your drone is directed at. 







WLtoys V353 is perfect for photos and videos shooting



Perfect for making videos and pictures

The V353 is ideal to make aerial footage. The model includes a 720p HD Camera, is steady in the air, and can be upgraded with a FULL HD Camera for an even better experience. 








Add modules to the V353 quadcopter



Is compatible with modules

One of the best features of the V353 is that it is compatible with almost all of our modules,. The available modules are the bubble blower,  missile shooter, water canon and ofcourse the fun for play crane & basket. 








Find out the specifications of the WLtoys V353

Model specifications

LED Lights   Yes
Gyroscope   Yes
360° Flip function   Yes
Connectivity to other drones    Yes
Box content   Quadcopter V353
    2.4 GHz remote
    Extra rotors
  Compatible modules    yes

Use specifications

Range    100–150 meters
Flight duration   8-10 minutes
Motions   Up, Down, Left, Right
Module included   Yes camera
Memory card   Yes 2GB memory card

Technical specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   4
Axes   6
Length   300mm 
Width   300mm 
Height   65mm
Weight   205gram




Blowup and spare parts WLtoys V353

Number ID/SKU

Spare parts

Factory ID

38 V353 Galaxy V353 Galaxy
100 HD Camera V959-16
101 Bubble Blower V959-17
102 Basket Lift V959-20
103 Watercanon V959-18
104 Missile Shooter V959-19
320 Blade V262-02
322 Gear V262-04
329 Copper Bush V262-11
331 Steel Tube V262-13
332 Copper Bush For Gear V262-14
333 Lithium Battery V262-15
334 Motor V262-16
335 Tail Frame V262-17
338 Line V262-20
339 Charger V262-21
401 Rubber Balls V666-27
428 Eva Spacer V626-23
440 HD Camera V353-33
441 Shock Mount V353-23
442 Frame V353-17
452 Lithium Battery V666-09
472 Foam Fix Part V353-02
473 Foam Protect Cover V353-03
474 Motor Holder V353-06
475 Landing Skid V353-09
477 Support For Light V353-12
478 PCB V353-13
480 LED Strip V353-15
481 Snap Joint V353-16
482 Battery Cover V353-18
483 Foam Landing Skid V353-20
676 Screw Set V353
679 LED Strip Color V353
732 Remote Control V353
337 Wire of LED light V262-19

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