WLtoys V646 - Mini Ufo

The V646 Mini Ufo is from the small sized category of WLtoys quadcopters. The V646 is small, but there is a lot of power hidden inside this little one. Together with the Headless Mode and incredible stability, this copter is easy to fly and user friendly. Thanks to the 6-axis built-in gyro, this copter can fly out of the palm of your hand, or from almost any other surface you prefer. 

The copter is equipped with prop guards, which protect the small blades, to make the copter more crash resistance. Another cool fact is that this copter can be thrown in to launch. It will always reposition it self and go in to stable flight mode afterwards. finally, the copter knows how to make a 360 flip!




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Handy and easy-to-use

The V646 Mini Ufo can go everywhere with you, thanks to its palm sized design. It is great for indoor flights, and if the weather permits, you can also enjoy flying outdoors.










WLtoys V646 has the headless mode for easy way to fly


Headless mode

However small, the V646 Mini Ufo is agile and powerful for its size. It is perfect for dynamic and exciting flights, and with its headless mode and prop guards it is easy to fly and user friendly.










The WLtoys V646 is very crash resistant




Crash resistant

Due to its compact size and weight, this drone is very crash resistant. Also every blade is protected by a prop guards, so you get away with minor bumps. 








 Specification of the model WLtoys V646

Model specifications

LED Lights   No
Gyroscope   Yes
360° Flip function   Yes
Connectivity to other drones    Yes
Box content   Quadcopter V646
    2.4 GHz remote
    Extra rotors
 Headless Mode   Yes
Compatible modules   No

Use specifications

Range    20–30 meters
Flight duration   5 minutes
Motions   Up, Down, Left, Right

Technical specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   4
Axes   6
Length   83mm
Width   83mm 
Height   21mm
Weight   13,2gram






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45 V646 Mini Ufo V646 Mini Ufo
430 Upper Cover Blue V646-01
431 Lower Cover Blue V646-02
432 Blades V646-03
433 PCB V646-04
434 Battery V646-05
435 Motor Clockwise V646-06
436 USB Charger V646-07
447 Motor Counterclockwise V646-06
476 Lower Cover Yellow V646-02
484 Lower Cover Green V646-02
498 Remote Controll V646/676
673 Screw Set V646/676

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