WLtoys Q222K - Spaceship

The Q222K Spaceship has all the great specifications of the V686K, but as its follower it also has one great add-on: A barometer for great altitude hold. The barometer gives the Q222K great stability in the air, holding it on the same height, without any effort. This is great, since with the use of the Wi-Fi FPV-set and its camera you are able to make pictures and video footage easy and with fantastic results. 





Great drone for beginning pilots thanks to barometer

The Q222K is ideal for beginning pilots. This model has different modes in which you can adjust the maximum speed, and together with the great altitude hold it is easy to fly and to control. 









Great Design

The Q222K is available in beautiful metallic red or classic black. Every model has a set of four prop guards, with which you protect your copter, as well as the people around you. 










The Q222K is a drone which uses your smartphone-screen as FPV. You can easily mount your smartphone to the transmitter, and with use of Wi-Fi connection you get live-stream of the front of the copter on your phone!









Model specifications

LED Lights   Yes
Gyroscope   Yes
360° Flip function   Yes
Connectivity to other drones    Yes
Box content   Q222K Quadcopter
    2.4 GHz remote
    Extra rotors
Compatible modules   Yes, Wi-Fi FPV

Usage specifications

Range    100-150 meters
Flight duration   6-8 minutes
Motions   Up, Down, Left, Right, Sideward
Modules included   Yes, Wi-Fi FPV
Memory card   Yes

Technical specifications

Technology   2.4 GHz
Channels   4
Axes   6
Length   170mm
Width   170mm 
Height   97mm
Weight   100gram
Battery    3.7V 730mAh Li-Po




























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